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Marshal Form

  • Please enter your mobile number or a number that can receive SMS text messages
  • Please give us as much information as possible so we can offer you the Marshal task that suits your availability best, i.e. time restrictions, mobility, car or if you have viewed the Marshal List and identified a specific task you wish to do.
  • Please tell us of any medical conditions/allergies, you feel as a Marshal we should be aware of
  • Please tell us your size for a Marshal Jacket, that you must wear and at some events we have spare event T-shirts, which we would like to offer you, but can't be guaranteed.
  • Tick this box to added to the general Marshal group to be emailed about other Marshal opportunities Note You can unsubscribe at anytime from this list
    Each month we send out a newsletter with results from our events. tell you when events are open for registrations as well as offer running advice
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