Bore Run History

Beat the Bore came about by regular Bore surfer Martin thinking about whether someone could outrun this unusual wave and if so by what margin.

That’s right a wave travelling up a river against the flow. The idea that a runner can challenge a bore travelling up the Severn at about 6mph near Arlingham, but reaching a possible 13 mph at Stonebench is certainly different to running against other runners and of course nature can always add something unexpected.

Frosty January


Initially in January 2012 & 13, this run was a point to point from the Anchor Inn, Epney to Weir Green, measuring just under 7 miles. The return journey was in a London Double Decker bus, with cakes for the journey. The local residents at Weir Green were surprised to find a London Bus outside their houses, but cheered the runners in.

At sunset


Following on from this there was the amazing Beat the Bore at night race, which started with a fantastic late summer sunset and after the race a near midnight meal in the Anchor Inn.

New Circular Route & sometimes at night

Then in March 2014 the first circular challenge was introduced, meaning a 3 mile trail run inland, up the local hill, before descending to the river in time to take the Bore head on down river. Since 2015 , the route will be circular, but having the Bore chasing you up the river to Weir Green. 2017 saw the opportunity once again of a night time event